Friday, September 9, 2011

Hello Again!

 So, I've been gone all summer long (hey we've been busy!), but inspired by three days straight of rain and sweater weather, and some gentle prodding from family, I have returned.  We have really been enjoying the cool days, making vegetable soup and bread.  Knowing the weather around here, we'll get a bit more hot weather before fall really starts, which we will also enjoy...maybe even more now that we've had this little taste of Autumn.
sweater weather!


In addition to our regular routine of reading, songs, cooking and whatnot, we have really enjoyed the summer hanging out at home and traveling to visit with family.  We went the beach and had a fantastic time with our grandparents.  The girls love the water, building sandcastles, and watching kites.

At home, we've been doing a lot more art.  Mostly tempera paint, and crayons, also some chalk on our big easel chalkboard.  A little play-dough with rolling pins and cookie cutters, too.

 I started a lot of crafts that are still in progress.  Some doll clothes, crowns, dresses for the girls, and these applique beanbags.  Goodness.  I'd better get to work.  I have been trying to take advantage of this nice weather and do some sewing outside, especially in the morning while its cool and the girls are playing.

 We have been playing a lot of dress up.  We are loving flouncy skirts and "snowman hats".

Mostly we have been hanging out outside in the garden, helping mama to water the plants, lazing about on blankets, having tea parties, playing with water, sand, leaves, sticks and other
outside stuff, hanging in the wrap swings and having a good time.

We have had a relaxed and easy summer, as the season should be, and are excited for the fall (at least I am).  Looking forward to pumpkins, apples and the return to rhythm and routine that the season seems to bring.  Hopefully that will also include updating this blog. 

See you soon (promise!)

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